I am walking, in deepest thoughts

With a firm step I am walking outside having sweat in my neck. With slight pain my feet I walk through the beautiful landscape of the green heart in the Netherlands.
My thoughts drift into all the misery in the world. The world that is now in the grasp of the Corona virus. I think of people who are forced to stay at home, but also those who have not been able to win the fight with it …
I hear footstep after footstep, I can’t stand still. I want and need to move to show to you if you are dealing with this virus in any way: you are not alone.

You are not alone

My name is Jainaba Saine. I am Gambanese, 28 years old and live with my husband in Alphen aan de Rijn. We all know the growing impact of Corona on the world.
There are people who have lost their loved ones because of this virus, people who have nowhere to go, or who are parents without their family. Especially people who have lost their loved ones, and those who feel alone, you are not alone. I’m on your side.
I wish I could do more to you than this, but I’m going and keep walking outside to show you’re not alone in this. I do this for everyone in this world affected by this virus to show with this action that you are being thought of.

Donations are very welcome. I would like to collect this money and then donate it to organizations that research this disease.
In addition, I want to find ways to give attention to the affected people and to let them know that they are still part of our society. I would also like to personally support those who cannot visit their family. I would like to do this on the basis of, for example, a personal card or a flower, if it is appreciated a telephone call or in other ways.

I am still in preparation and the planned start date is Saturday April 4.
Progress will be tracked on the jainabacharity.nl website. The hiking trails and further news will be posted there. If you want to give further information or feedback, you can do this at the e-mail address below.
In the meantime I wish everyone every strength, and with this contribution I hope that you know that you are being thought of.

Contact information:
name: Jainaba Saine
website: jainabacharity.nl
email address: jessyseini@gmail.com
telephone number: +316-18903872